Saturday, 5 September 2015

Yet more heat

Today's update is a short one as I haven't actually really done anything.

Inside Room 13
Inside Room 13
It has been a super warm day and after I didn't sleep well at all the early morning cool was lost to a lie in. A then went shopping while I spent the time listing the whisky I had bought through my old company and working out a current profit position on it for my accountant. This ended up being more accurate than I thought it would be as my records aren't great but I was able to piece it all together. Lunch was cheese and home grown tomato butties while A slept and they were really lovely. The rest of the afternoon passed with me sleeping on the sofa on the landing as the temperature reached 33 degrees inside. The wind has also been quite high today and this really hasn't helped as it has forced us to shut the windows.

When I woke up I had a sudden thought that we had taken the other parasol outside on the night we stared at the stars and it isn't the most stable of things, even when not up. I dashed upstairs and sure enough it had blown over. We will have to work out an alternative way of having this outside otherwise it will end up being totally useless. While I was up there I tidied the model railway stuff a bit which is another task off my list.

I then slept again for quite a while and was woken when we had a guest; someone come to look at the old tiles stacked up at the back. I negotiated a price and then arranged that tomorrow he will come back and load them into Thomas and the trailer and we'll take them to his. This led me to move Julian (started first time again) and then clear the dustbowl of branches and spiky wood and then A and I moved the trailer round into position for loading tomorrow.

Now we've just had a shower and are about to head to our favourite restaurant for dinner. I'll see you all tomorrow.

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