Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Starting to think about details

Well, six weeks (or less) and counting and I've started to let really small details enter my mind about the journey and other things.

Counting down
Counting down
I have been trying to limit these kind of thoughts for the last few months so I don't feel like I am jumping the gun or getting too emotionally involved in something happening in the future (to the extent that I don't appreciate and enjoy every second of these last months and weeks) but now I feel it is time to really focus on the journey and making sure it is as comfortable and successful as possible.

First of all I have (hopefully) finally got a working Julian with battery charging from the alternator and a few bits to finalise this weekend around the airconditioning unit (which runs off 110v so needs a transformer now to work). I've bought the transformer and an American style 3-pin plug to put on the power cable instead of the confusing UK style one that is currently there; this will definitely be done this weekend.

Keeping toasty warm
Keeping toasty warm
So we'll be warm in the mornings / evenings / lunch times when we stop for lunch.

Talking of lunch, I am starting to think about planning what food and supplies to take which will be bought on the last Friday before the journey. My thoughts are along the lines of:
  • enough bacon and eggs so we don't have to stop and shop for that
  • enough bread for barms and butties for the first three days and try to buy after that
  • enough butter and butty filling stuff so we don't have to look for that
  • long life milk for brews
  • tea bags / coffee
  • driving sweets (already bought and in Julian as it happens)
  • chocolate bars and emergency rations
I am going to be making a list and working out exactly what we'll need over the next couple of days; you may be lucky enough that I actually post this as a blog. I bet you can't wait.

Sassy with her new tent
Sassy with her new tent
I also am aware that I really need to do something I have been putting off; mainly because it is going to be a really difficult process. I need to ring all the countries we are going to cross to double check that they are OK with Sassy; now I know they will be OK but some may require some paperwork which the vet will be very happy to stamp (for a fee, obviously) but I need to find out about it. I keep forgetting (or putting it off) and tomorrow I really must dedicate a little time to phoning at least the French and German embassies to find out what they require. I have been told this information from several sources now so I can't ignore it any more. There will definitely be a detailed blog post about this as I cannot find anyone who has written a guide to "transporting a bunny across Europe" and I would like to fill that gap.

I'm off to see my parents in a couple of weeks and we're going to have a session with the walky talkies then to work out how we will use them. I have bought the parents new carryon bags as well so I'll take these down at that time.

This evening I am going to go through all my clothes and work out what I have so when I get to the stage of packing I have a rough idea in my head in advance.

I have got myself organised
I have got myself organised
At the weekend I am in Blackpool for probably the last time and will be doing the following tasks:
  • build the humanure toilet
  • fix the hookup cable
  • fix the trailer power cable
  • practice pack including using the tarpaulin
  • change the plug on the aircon and install the transformer
  • get both roof boxes on Julian
  • put the other bike rack on Thomas
  • fix Sassy's food / water supplies in her travel hutch
  • try out the generator
I also want to take Rambo for a walk on the beach (so I need to find out when the tide is out) if I can possibly get time. It is going to be a busy one!

At home I am taking another few boxes of things up to be packed, as I appear to have space and I found another few things I had missed. Most everything is gone now however. It is a strange feeling to realise just how close I now am to this thing happening.

Briefly to update on progress over there I've continued to have updates from Lubo and the process seems to be moving on; I suppose I shall really find out mid February when he promised the initial planning process response would be back to him. The electricity is specifically promised to be done in the next two weeks and this will also be a good indicator of how well things are going.

So there you are; you can see that my mind is full of things and I am living this last period in England right to the full.


  1. Big 'to do' list for this weekend there, bro'!

    1. S'gonna be good, huh :)

      it's the last chance to do all this stuff.... and of course lots of pics will be taken and possibly multiple blogs posted over the weekend :)