Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Saying goodbye to the locals

Well I had a lovely evening last night, though it didn't really work out as I expected with a monster burger.

Selfie at the pub
Selfie at the pub
We got to the pub and found out that they had stopped serving at 7 which was a bit of a pain. Neither of us were hungry in the slightest though so we settled down for a couple of pints and enjoyed the excellent juke box which some old guy was priming with classic songs, some of which I've not heard for many years and really took me back.

J had given me a couple of presents before we left, including an audio book quadruple cd of books by Edgar Allan Poe which is a wonderful gift as I have been thinking I should get some audio books for the journey. How thoughtful :) and she also bought a T shirt with a picture we had taken (below) on it and I am going to wear this to my party.

The picture for my T Shirt
The picture for my T Shirt
As we left the pub we bumped into her dad going in and that was also a really nice moment as I had already said goodbye to him but he said some very nice things to me (considering I'm his daughter's ex!) and shook my hand again and wished me luck.

On the way back after we stopped by the cash point (yes, there is a point to this part of the story) and the rasta guy who serves me in the local shop was just coming out and locking up; he knows me and J separately and I always have a good long natter to him if there is a chance as he sees me as a beard brother (the brotherhood of the beard is the best) and so I was able to tell him about leaving and we shook hands and then he gave me a hug and said good luck.

Which was nice :)

After this it was to the local chinese where again I stood and chatted to the owner and talked through my plans; he has some sympathy as he came to the UK 10 years ago and set up his takeaway and now has really bedded in to the community. He also shook my hand as I left with the food and said that he hoped he'd be there if and when I come back ever.

Which was also nice.

And so to home and the final two episodes of "Life" which is a series myself and J have been watching for a while and we had to squeeze in before I left. If you haven't watched it I highly recommend that you get it and watch it!

She painted from this picture
She painted from this picture
I also received my final present from J which was a painting of a picture I had taken in Bulgaria just near where I'm going to be living which we both loved very much :) this will be taking pride of place on the wall and is another such lovely thought.

Thank you.

While I'm talking about gifts I had a random scarf appear in a package, as well as a "this was too large for your letterbox" note from the post office, the other week and now the mystery is solved. It is from my very good friend Pixie who emigrated to Australia the year before last. He has sent me four small gifts. I am lucky to have friends like these :)