Tuesday, 29 July 2014

**GUEST POST** It's almost time

So, isn’t it funny how things work out?  One day you are just going to work, coming home, eating, chatting to friends and generally plodding your way through life…..


….then you meet someone who quite literally turns your life upside down and on its end.

Six months ago, should you have told me that I would be packing up my life to live in rural Bulgaria, halfway up a mountain with two dogs, a rabbit, two tortoises and a man with a beard, I’d have told you to take more of your pills.  Yet, here I am in the midst of the biggest of the moves I have ever made, surrounded by boxes, clothes and endless amounts of shoes that I will most definitely never wear over there!

I have just over 16 days to go until I land and I have packed in my job, my flat, prepared to leave my friends and all the wonders of London that used to excite me.  My mood is surprisingly calm, given that I have thrived in this busy city for the last 13 years.  Will I miss it?  Yes, I’m pretty sure I will at times, I am after all, almost human.  Most of all, I am excited by the future. 

I have warned the man of the house of my less-than-green fingers and made no secret of the fact that I can kill a cactus whilst doing my utmost to nurture it.  So hopefully I won’t be left unattended in the vegetable garden very often or we may well starve.

Anyway, unlike my bearded lovely, I don’t plan to blog every day, but I do want to record my journey in some way.  I am therefore hoping to create a photo blog and I would be delighted if I could share my story with you in that way.  Stay tuned for that, if you are interested.

The adventure begins
Our adventure begins

Emmm xx


  1. Heh, gotta think about separate blog authors - this post coming from the bearded bastard seems rather puzzling! 😀

    1. I have done some research on this and sadly, as I created the blogpost, no matter anything else this cannot be changed. Live and learn :)

  2. Yes, I did think that myself, but like I said in there, I plan to do my own when I get there so that I have time to maintain it properly.

    Just pretend he's lost the plot. It's not inconceivable ;)