Saturday, 29 August 2015

Birthday meal interrupts updates

So once again it's a short update due to other activities happening. This is becoming something of a habit which is great as it means we're getting out doing stuff more often. I will get an update about today done, maybe first thing, maybe combined with tomorrow as a double day update, as quite a lot got done however there is no way that I'm starting it at 10pm.

The happy group
The happy group
The reason we are late, and I'm not doing an update, is that this evening as a surprise for A we went out to a new restaurant with SandS and two of their friends we hadn't met before. It was an absolutely awesome evening with lots of laughter, good conversation and excellent food, and the surprise was a good one for A. We stayed out quite a long time for us and got back to some puppy-caused chaos such as one of A's nice sandals now needs its sticky stuck back on, one of the lovely green and red plants has been dug out, and they have eaten the wicks out of some candles. They have been in trouble and are now back out playing around and being super overwhelmingly excited to see us.

Anyway, more of this tomorrow. I'm to drink my brew and get to sleep.

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