Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Route decision made, now for planning it

I can hear you celebrating already... this isn't a blog about the rabbit hutch! wooo..

It does, however, go back to another old favourite subject which is me trying to decide which route to take on the drive over.

I have made my mind up.

*fanfare and hullabulloo*

After much thinking, and many conversations, I have decided that I am going to do the Romanian route. This is down to two specific issues.

  1. My whisky
  2. The trailer
I know I can't take all my whisky through Serbia (though I have found some interesting places to hide it in Julian) and I have also heard one too many stories about the Serbian authorities being OK with vans, but not with trailers.

One way to hide alcohol
One way to hide alcohol
To be honest the decision is not that weighty as the drive is going to be a challenge whichever route I took (and more so as Thomas is still unwell and I have just heard what could be really bad news; I may even have to sell and get a different truck - the thought of which makes me very sad, but that's for another time).

So: decision made.

I had a short teleconference with the parents the other day about this and also discussed the driving arrangements. I have decided (though this is not something which we will find difficult to change) that I will drive Julian for the majority of the time, while they share the driving of Thomas (or his replacement). This is down to another few thoughts:
  1. Julian is harder to drive
  2. Thomas will have the trailer and I'm not getting the additional code on my license
  3. It will mean they drive less (50% of the time, not 66%)
Just when you thought I could never make up my mind, I do so twice in quick succession. Aren't I impressive.

It is, isn't it
It is, isn't it
So I am now breaking down the journey into the projected days and will probably have this done after I have finished writing this blog. I have the journey as about 2011 miles and 39 hours of driving which avoids tolls even in Austria (not something I think I will be doing though the route it is suggesting doesn't look too Alpine...) and tomorrow I will be back with my "this is what I want to drive" plan.



  1. Austria - check you aren't over, or even very near, weight limits of vehicles. Try to go though Romania on a Sunday - the truck drivers there take no prisoners but aren't on the roads Sunday.

    1. Ahhh good advice, thank you :)

      I think I will be going thru Romania on the Friday or Saturday... hmmmmm.....