Thursday, 18 June 2015

A colder day

Good evening and welcome back to the Good Life.

It wasn't so good today though. It was officially my day off, but as I am such a helpful soul, I offered to do a few hours work this morning and at 7am was stuck into it. It was a dull start again and it really didn't get much better. At around 8am, as I usually do, I went to let the chickens out and feed them.  Generally this involves chasing them outside.  Today however, they waddled to the door themselves and went off into the longer grass, pecking around and stretching. Great progress!

Anyway, I cracked on and had my coffees and worked for longer than I had originally planned to, but I packed it in at around 11am and went out to keep Rambo company for a while. I do feel bad that he is on his own so much. By noon, my stomach was telling me it needed to eat and so on a whim, I decided to nip into town and grab a kebab from my favourite shop. I have to tell you, it was delicious!

Best kebab in town
Best kebab in town
All the while I am getting tweets from the Mr who has made some excellent progress today, despite hitting some bad traffic. He is currently in Germany and around a third of the way across. He may just fall short of Austria tonight but that is great progress all the same. He hasn't slept a great pile, so I am hoping he gets a few solid hours later. So near, but so far!

After lunch time, the chickens had come back in to eat some more. They don't half make a mess and I cannot wait until the Mr gets back with the new feeders. The larger one, Kat, insists on scratching the food out of the bowl. Look at the mess. I am very surprised that there is actually no evidence of a rat presence in there, yet!

Hungry birds
Hungry birds
I have had to move their nesting area as I discovered them a few mornings ago huddled in the corner of the house behind the door.  Strangely, they huddle in one nest, bless them. I think we need to have a couple more. I read somewhere that they should be kept in groups of three or more. When the Mr gets back, I think I will get another two.

Behind the door
Behind the door
I have been a little bit demotivated today because of the weather and really have not done a lot. I had to light the petchka today as I was feeling the heavy drop in temperature and so between tidying and cleaning up I have been chopping and collecting wood.

Rambo was given one of Ralf's old balls about a week ago and I should have known better, but I decided that it was time to give him his new Kong ball. Hopefully he will not rip it to shreds like the last one!
Time for a new ball
Time for a new ball
So that is really it for the day. I have been distracted by watching for the Mr's progress across Europe mostly, if I'm honest, but tomorrow I shall have to actually do something constructive, wash sheets, tidy up, prepare outside (if it isn't raining) and just be a busy bee. It seems like forever when you are waiting around in circumstances like this!

The clouds have cleared now, so I think I will take my tea to the terrace and sit and enjoy the last bit of sun up there. You have been brilliant, thank you for reading! :-)

Leka nosht.

A xx


  1. It'll be a sad day for this blog then The Beard arrives :(

    I really enjoy your super honest and laid back writing style. Especially the fact you so openly admit all those days you just did nothing and just watched movies or were lazy or slept through the day, etc. And your fears and frustrations and worries and excitements. Personally, I'd be ashamed to admit all those publicly...

    It really feels human. Reading the blog I can feel you're just an ordinary city foreigner stuck in Bulgarian countryside.

    As compared to the Bastard's style, which is like a machine record of some sort. A superhuman creature without any faults, possessing immense power and unending energy, came to conquer the land of Thrace. It reads like an ultra detailed account (that starts at 5AM and does not stop for a second to at least 11PM) of "setting goals" and epic "achievements" and "leveling up" - ok, not the the last one, but at times it really seems like he's living the live like some kind of computer game :)

    So I hope you'll at least continue to write on your blog. I'll be great to have a human's perspective on your good life in Bulgaria!

    Thank you!

    :D :D :D

  2. Ah, I think that is a little unfair. There is so much to do here and you do set targets and tasks that you want to complete by certain times, especially in the case of last year when our time here was limited. I have no qualms about publishing my fears and worries, but I am less private than he; I am also a woman and programmed more like that.

    Anyway, I hope you continue to read it here also, despite your comments.